So here we go all, into the second session of Formula 1 testing. Who will come out on top and who might blow up. We will see.

To start it off here is the timing so far this morning.

1 HulkenbergForce India 1m36.880s
2 HamiltonMercedes 1m37.908s +1.028
3 MagnussenMcLaren 1m38.295s +1.415
4 AlonsoFerrari 1m39.628s +2.748
5 VettelRed Bull 1m40.224s +3.344
6 SutilSauber 1m40.443s +3.563
7 FrijnsCaterham 1m42.900s +6.020
8 KvyatToro Rosso 1m44.346s +7.466
9 GrosjeanLotus 1m44.832s +7.952

Update 1:Red Flag and it seems that only the RedBull of Vettel is out on the track.


Update 2: Earlier it looks like there was another red flag as Kvyat had stopped in the middle of the track and had to be brought back. Hopefully this doesn't become a trend like last session where the safety truck completed more laps than some of the teams testing.

Update 3: It doesn't look like any major malfunction on the RB10 as the reigning world champ makes it back to the pits.


Update 4: Here are the latest lap times

1. Nico Hulkenberg (Force India) 1:36.8

2. Lewis Hamilton (Mercedes) 1:37.9

3. Kevin Magnussen (McLaren) 1:38.2

4. Fernando Alonso (Ferrari) 1:39.6

5. Sebastian Vettel (Red Bull) 1:40.2

6. Adrian Sutil (Sauber) 1:40.4

7. Robin Frijns (Caterham) 1:42.9

8. Daniel Kvyat (Toro Rosso) 1:44.3

9. Romain Grosjean (Lotus) 1:44.8

Update 5: Jennie Gow from the BBC has stated that Kyvat Torro Rosso stopped earlier because of electrical problems. Does this mean that we might be having some more issues with the Renault engines, or is this just a RedBull issue?

Update 6: While the red flag is still out, it allows me to do a small piece on the boys over at Lotus who were absent at the last test session in Jerez. They had stated that they would be skipping that test since they didn't feel the car was ready. With all the red flags so far this morning I hope they are getting enough installation laps in so they can proceed for the rest of the test to get quicker and quicker. If you haven't noticed in my profile pic. I'm a bit of a Lotus fan and I actually met Grosjean last season in Austin, and I will be rooting for him this year.

Update 7: And we are back to testing with the green flag as Sutil, Frijns, and Nico head out onto the track!

Update 8: It looks to be that something from the back end of the RB10 was smoking and causing Vettel some concern. The crew seems to be taking it off to inspect for the problem. This sounds a lot like the last test session. Infiniti RedBull were having problems with their ERS system and keeping it cool. This might be a problem that continues to plague them.

Update 9:Alonso is also out on the track now and comes within a second of Hulkenbergs best.

Update 10: Again Jennie Gow says that there are some potential major problems with the RB10's, "The turbo is not kicking in on fire-up in the way it does on other cars, and there is a distinct smell of burning from the car after it has been running".

Update 11: Magnussen is no out on the track too.

1 HulkenbergForce India 1m36.880s
2 AlonsoFerrari 1m37.879s +0.999

Update 12: Jules Bianchi in the Marussia is now out on track after only completing 2 laps earlier this morning.

Update 13: The Williams car also comes out but then right back in for just an installation lap.

Update 14: The Williams team just tweeted that the reason they had pitted earlier was a "fuel system issue". No word on what that issue was though. '

Update 15: The Marussia team says that their issues were caused by an "IT Issue".

Update 16: Magnussen had the track to himself for awhile, but the rookie driver comes into the pits with no one on the track at the moment, and with less than an hour to go in this first test session, one might think that the teams would be getting out there as much as possible?

Update 17: Hamilton is out of his race gear, and with little amount of time left in today's practice that probably means that the boys from Mercedes are done for the day.

Update 18: Frijns takes the Caterham back out onto the race track. What can we expect from the young test driver?

Update 19: Frijns managed to take a few tenths of a second off his best time but pulls the Caterham back into the pits as Magnussen takes the McLaren out.

Update 20: Alonso heads back out onto the track with just 20 minutes remaining of the first day practice. Will we see some times fall in the last few minutes between the McLaren and Ferrari?

Update 21: Hulkenberg is also now on the track. I say the three of them stop at the start line and just have an impromptu F1 race!

Update 22: According to Williams' twitter, Massa is about to head back out onto the track posting this pic.

Update 23: And that's it folks for the first day of this second session of testing. Here are the times.

1 HulkenbergForce India 1m36.880s
2 AlonsoFerrari 1m37.879s +0.999
3 HamiltonMercedes 1m37.908s +1.028
4 MagnussenMcLaren 1m38.295s +1.415
5 VettelRed Bull 1m40.224s +3.344
6 SutilSauber 1m40.443s +3.563
7 FrijnsCaterham 1m42.534s +5.654
8 KvyatToro Rosso 1m44.346s +7.466
9 GrosjeanLotus 1m44.832s +7.952

So what does this all mean for the 2014 season. First off lets dive into the biggest story this year so far, Infiniti RedBull. The have not had good luck with their new car. In the first session of testing the managed to complete only 21 laps total. Not good. This first day of testing they did manage to do more laps, however they also started 5 hours late, and had to stop their testing once again due to a supposed overheating issue that many are reporting on. If Newey, Horner and their team of engineering wizards can't figure out this issue by weeks end, their next chance to test will be in Australia for the Grand Prix and that is not where the reigning world champions want to be testing.

Edit: One of our fellow Jalops just led me to find out that there is a second testing session in Bahrain next week, so the RedBull guys have a little bit extra to figure out whats what. h/t to GrnBeret2B

Lotus, a personal favorite used today not to set hot laps but to just come out and complete some installation tests, hopefully they can get the car going a bit faster by weeks end. I have faith that Grosjean can be fast as shown by the last leg of last season. They need to condense their entire testing schedule and it is actually peculiar that they didn't complete more laps today because of their shortened testing schedule. This could go one of two ways, very good, or very bad. We will have to wait and see.

Hulkenberg went out there today in my opinion to show that he still has the ability to set fast laps. While Magnussen is not only showing that McLaren did the right thing in signing him, but showing that he will be a force to be reckoned with. This young man will be one to watch this season so long as he can keep up the pace. This again will have to be taken with a grain of salt because we have not been able to see how he can cope during a full race.

Tomorrow is a new day and maybe RedBull and William's who didn't manage to get Massa out there before the checkered flag dropped will have better days and possibly solve their respective issues. But then again, maybe this is the end of the RedBull's domination. Right now my predictions are that this season is going to be tight and possibly much like last season's Silverstone race where there will be many failures. Stay tuned tomorrow for day two of testing where I will be doing the same thing as today.

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