Look man, it's just a different answer to the question. People don't bat an eye that Subaru makes both a BRZ and a WRX for about the same price. Both are great cars. Both have strengths and weaknesses. People prioritize those strengths and weaknesses differently.

Is the GT-R the bestest car that has ever been made? Of course not. It is a physics-bending tech tour-de-force. A testament that sometimes complicate and add heaviness can actually work. And while I've never driven one, I have gone for a ride in one. I can say that it was about the furthest from boring thing I've ever done.


For my money, I'd probably pick a much slower 991 Carrera 2S, because fanboy. But if someone picked a GT-R, or a Viper, or a ZR1, or an R8, etc they're not wrong, they're just different. We're in a golden age right now where there are just so many good performance cars, let's enjoy it.