So, for those Opponauts who have been following my wheel issues... I finally got in the PCD variation bolts from Bayless and mounted the 4x100 BMW wheels. It turns out that there is a little lip on the inside for the E30 wheels, that is almost exactly the amount one needs to widen the hub to get them to fit.

Grind out the lip, wheels fit, drive 300+ miles in two days, to make sure it all went together properly. No drama? Good. Drink a beer.

And now, pictures.

I still need to clean the plastidip off of the right rear, from where that wheel was dipped at one point... However, it's not a bad setup.


So far, she's still never failed to start, although I really do need to start hunting for a 131 transmission to fix the comically short 5th gear. 3500rpm at 55mph is not a recipe for good fuel economy, even though it sounds amazing.