Every so often, I'll grab my good friend Jeremy Cliff (who's appeared on Jalopnik at least once in the past), and we'll snap some pictures of a car that I'm reviewing for Web2Carz. This past week, we took a Range Rover Evoque to a local quasi-off-road area to see if we could have any fun with it. Spoiler Alert: We did.

The Evoque surprised me in how well it handled deep ruts and even deeper puddles. Then again, it's got a Range Rover badge, and I'm sure everybody would bitch and moan if it wasn't at least halfway capable.

Either way, this isn't about words, it's about pictures. Here, have a bunch of them. If you like 'em, do yourself a favor and go like Jeremy's page on Facebook, because he does way cooler shit than this. Enjoy, and have an awesome Independence Day weekend!

[ADDENDUM] It has come to my attention that this is not, in any way, off-roading. Semantically speaking, you're wrong; difficulty-wise, you're right. Having done more with more capable vehicles, I actually agree. But I liked the pictures, and people don't often do this with the Evoque, so here they are.