And I decided to follow the advice of a close friend.

"If you hate your job, find another one. Do something else. It's not worth your time."


So I quit my job doing customer service for a major financial institution — it had high pressure sales involved and I came home every day hating myself. The pay was abysmal for the amount of revenue that we brought in.

My wife is in full support of this. We just went to advising and we've got a full-on plan to finish our bachelors' degrees by the end of fall 2015. I'll probably be taking 18 hours of classes next semester and another 12 during summer session. She just went part-time at her job and keeps benefits for both of us, but the craziest thing is that her take-home pay is about the same (less than $100/month difference) despite the fact that she's down 8 hours a week.

I'm now working part-time delivering pizzas and sammiches and bringing home almost as much every week (even after gas and everything) as I did at the bank. The Soul is going to be retired from its delivery duty later this fall and replaced with a cheap "pizza bitch." My father-in-law has a small car lot that deals mostly in 8-10 year old, low-ish mileage Japanese sedans, so I may just take a Tuesday morning and ride with him to an auction. He recently picked up a gray '04 Mazda6 4-cylinder 5-speed with 140k for about $2000 so I'm sure I can find something good, cheap.


So I'm kind of back where I was at 21, but with a wife, a pair of dogs, and a future ahead of me.

Have a good night, Oppo.