Ok, so this "new" car (second hand, owned since februari this year) has all-season tires. Not really a fan of those, since they are, after all, a compromise. But hey, that's what the car came with.

So, the front tires are worn past their 3 mm indicators. Still well above the legal limit of 1.6 mm (2.2 and 2.4 mm) but common sense dictates that I should replace them.

The next question then becomes: Do I replace the two front tires with new all-season ones? There is enough thread depth on the rears. The other option is to get 4 new summer tires (and get a set of winter tires on steelies). That's actually quite a tough call. Keep the compromise, and spend money on two tires? Or go for a proper set-up (my opinion) and get 8 (!!!) new tires and 4 steel rims instead? It's either €220 for a pair of 16" all-seasons, or €325 for 4 new 16" summer tires and another €510 for 4 15" winter tires on 15" steelies. (205/55/R16 and 195/65/R15 respectively.) Prices are all-in, balanced and mounted.


Well, it has been decided for me. Because cupping. So the rear tires have to go sooner or later too.

2 new tires? Nope, 8 (!!)

And in case you can't really see the problem:


2 new tires? Nope, 8 (!!)