One does not simply own a 14 year old SUV and expect nothing to break on it, even if it's Japanese.

Last night I came home at 10 pm in the fog and rain. I jumped out of my car to check if I had spaced my car perfectly between my neighbor's driveways, and then noticed that that my drivers side headlight had burned out.


After freaking out about how 1) I didn't kill my friends and 2) I didn't get pulled over, I looked at online forums about how to replace the headlight.

When you have limited tools and barely any experience working on cars, a 20 minute job turns into a 2 hour job and some phone calls.

Things that went wrong/excuses:

1) whoever put my battery on hammered the negative terminal onto the battery. couldn't get the terminal off the battery.


2) after deciding i'd rather get electrocuted, I tried to get the yank out the burned out bulb. after moving the airbox out of the way I had more room for my hand, but i didn't have the tools or bravery to completely remove the airbox from my car.

3) after feeling around like a virgin trying to unhook a bra for the first time, I unhooked the wiring harness from the headlight bulb. due to space constraints and a lack of patience, I gave up after trying to remove the bulb from the headlight housing.

4)I made a few phone calls and found a guy that would fix this for me for cheap. I reconnected the wiring harness and put the airbox back in place, and then somehow my headlight worked again... except that it was pointing towards the sky.

final excuse: If it were summer, I would do the job myself. but It's about to be finals week and I just don't have the time for this. Furthermore, I live in San Francisco. I already suck at car maintenance when i'm in my parents driveway in the suburbs. Doing this job while parked on a hill with neighbors watching from their bedrooms made me embarrassed that I couldn't get it done.