First, my dealership failed to give me what I asked for this past weekend when I showed up and requested a 40k mile service. I got their “works” package which is just an oil change and tire rotation.

It’s all I needed, really, but as I’m approaching the 40k mark with no real free time in my future I wanted it done. $80 in my pocket but another trip in my future and general incompetency from the adviser (he didn’t know about the recalls on the Focus...and he owns one himself). The people were nice enough but out of my way now so I figured I’d just go elsewhere in the future.

Now, I just got off the phone with an employee from that same dealership. I thought maybe they had something to follow up with since I was there just a few days ago but nope...completely different agenda.

“I’m following up on an inquiry you made about one of our vehicles. I’m sorry we didn’t get back to you sooner.”

Internal thought: inquiry? did I inquire online? No...I don’t think so...maybe? What?

External communication: “Inquiry?”

“Yes, this past July you asked about one of our vehicles.”

“Which one?”



“When you were here in July.”

“I wasn’t in the state in July.” (VACATION!!!!!!!)

“Then perhaps it was your brother”


“Well...we are a Ford dealership so is there anything you are interested in?”

“Honestly? That Focus RS on your sales floor in blue is the only thing I want right now but unless you’re going to give it to me I can’t afford it.”


“I’m very happy with my car right now and won’t need anything.”

That is almost EXACTLY what went down. 10 minutes ago, now. It was painful.

So, yeah. My business is going elsewhere. It’s a shame because my buying experience was solid there and their service within the first year of ownership was great but this past year and a half has seen a steady decline service quality. Now they’re either faking inquiries and having employees call without knowing what they’re getting into or that was the worst executed cold call in the history of cold calls.

But if they come back to me with the FoRS, I’ll forgive them.