Ask me about myself (white male, 20, American, not currently for sale), my car (E46 325ci, not currently for sale), my old job (managing a Jimmy John's), my current job (not managing a Chick-Fil-A, until I go to college), college (Communications; Jagvar I need to speak to you, wherever you are), my writing (listed below), which is particularly focused on James Bond media and culture, or anything else.

I'll be reposting this multiple times the next two or three days on Oppo to try and flesh it out. The goal is to get some inspiration for re-doing the JJ's article, or finding other article ideas.

A few of you may know me from some of my stuff that's been reposted to the FP (you can use the arrows to see more):

And some of my strictly Oppo stuff:

So, help me write about something, and ASK ME ANYTHING-