I got the all clear from my doc last week. I'm still gonna need to get more work done down the road I think, but I've been out a year(so much for 4-7 months)...I've got shit to do. I wasn't sure how long it would take me to get my mojo back, but as it turns out the hand/eye coordination never really left. The strength/stamina is another thing altogether though. After 2 surgeries on my left arm and one on my right, it looks like I have 2 toothpicks hanging from my torso.

This was literally the first weld I did in a year, so I was pretty happy:

I haven't done any sculptures yet, but they're coming. I'm gonna go a little further with them, I have year of evolution to catch up on. In the meantime I've built a few frames for art, and I think I'll do some more in the future

I got a new toy to play with too, a Miller Dynasty 280DX. I'm in love. Miller came out to film last week, so there will be a handful of new videos coming to YouTube soon.

My blog on theFabricator.com is going strong too, and if you've got any welding topics you'd like to see covered feel free to hit me up.