So I’ll share some interesting things found at work today

Any baseball fans? Ray Washburn—Cardinals pitcher—is a repeat customer, and a really interesting guy. I have to plan in an extra hour when I go out this way because without fail he’ll talk my ear off about absolutely everything!

Next up! House two. Yep, that’s a tardis. And behind it is an elevator. The homeowners (mid 40's, healthy) decided to install said elevator not because they needed it for medical reasons, but because they love their home so much they want to be able to stay for the rest of their lives.

The clock is also theirs. Neat!

This chair was made by a local craftsman, and the current owner acquired it by trading the rights to a musical composition! Or he was pulling my leg and it was purchased at World Market. Who knows! It’s awesome either way. I sat in it by the owners request.... Very nice. Much comfort. Powerful.

Lastly, this fridge is everything I could ever want. Being able to see all my food options without opening the door would be a game changer. Plus, unlike LG/Samsung/etc. With their smart refrigerator/tablet gobbledygook, this beauty can’t be hacked. Oh, and did I mention the wine section has individual temperature controls for every single row? Crazy