Another day, another stupid problem with my Mustang. This time? When I turn on the AC/Fan/what the fuck ever we want to call HVAC there’s a funky smell for a few minutes. No idea how to describe the smell and no idea where it’s coming from.

The car has 10,000 fucking miles. My fucking economy car Sonic never had any nagging problems like this. About the only issue I ran into with that car was the blower motor making noise at 38,000 miles.

To recap the issues I’ve had with the Mustang:

- High pitched sound coming from the speakers. Gotten nowhere with two dealers and Ford customer service on this

- Check engine light and rough idle. Was fixed with a service bulletin

- Chattering noise coming from somewhere in front of me at 65 mph and above. Dealer said they couldn’t hear it

- Intermittent backup camera picture issues.

- Improperly installed seal behind grill. Was replaced at 500 miles

- Poor hood alignment. I made it better myself

- Funny smell coming from vents. Guess I’ll make an appointment sometime next week?


None of the issues have been major, but it’s frustrating. This is the nicest, most expensive car I’ve owned and I’ve had to deal with more crap than any of my previous ones. Maybe I’m just more aware of the little things because of how nice the car is, but I’m annoyed. I know half of you are going to tell me to buck up because your 15 year old car does so much worse shit, but I don’t care. I don’t think it’s unreasonable to be frustrated at small issues in a $33,000 car with only 10,000 miles on it