I'm just about ready to shove my license through a shredder and give up on driving forever

Was looking for an opening to get into the left lane but couldn't because of an endless row of cars, and didn't even notice the guy to my right in the soon-to-disappear right lane until nearly too late. Apparently he didn't notice me as he was just going along his merry way and I had to brake so hard the car actually started to swerve.

Later saw a guy who was half in the right lane, half on the shoulder. Yup. And another guy do the same to what happen to me above while blocking traffic behind him. And a Challenger and a Civic cut me off and fly down an almost empty highway at what had to have been close to 100 (in a construction zone) because....

Anyway, yeah, I think it's time for self-driving cars. And the argument that "self-driving cars aren't going to be as safe as the bus so we might as well give up on self-driving cars" is literally the most fucking stupid argument I've heard in my life. My whole damn life.