I got mad while driving for the first time in a long time and flipped another driver off. Mad, but not enough to be considered ragey. I was heading home from a busy and productive morning, when all of sudden I notice the driver to the right of me begin to merge into the front right side of my car and into the lane I occupied; without the driver having signaled or assessed if the lane was open. If I had not jerked my car to the open fast lane (with the gap being quickly closed off by another car approaching), I would’ve lost control. Then, as soon as I regained composure of myself and the car (fish tailed a bit), and let go of the horn, the driver pulled up alongside me and calmly waved “sorry;” which for some reason triggered a reflex to flip him off. I’m thankful that he pulled away as quickly as he could (appeared he wanted to avoid potential road rage himself) in his Mercedes and didn’t turn the tables onto raging at me; because I honestly am never in the mood to deal with crazy.

All it takes is one prior road rage experience to become an apathetic driver towards other driver’s behaviors and actions. Today was the first time I’ve flipped another driver off and the first time I had become so mad to do so. Also thankful for having a certain amount of situational awareness, and for the luck involved.

Blue represents me. Yellow is the other driver.