My wife and I have decided that when we retire in 30ish years we want to cruise around the country in a RV and camp out at different fairs and campgrounds and whatever. We want an RV and a red convertible to tow behind it. Instead of a fifth wheel and a truck.

I would :

  • Want something that leans more to the comfortable cruiser than hard core sports car. My bones will be more fragile then. It'll need to be fairly spacious as I'm kinda tall and kinda fat. Basically I'm built like Jeremy Clarkson
  • Want it to be fairly fuel efficient. I imagine I'll be driving it a lot exploring the area around our camp sites.
  • Want it to have enough luggage space for trips to the market and whatever shopping my wife will need to do. Obviously with the top down you have infinite upward storage
  • Want something reliable (Sorry Alfas!) and easy to maintain. I'll be towing this thing all around the country and I can't guarantee being remotely close to any urban center at anytime/at all
  • Require it be red. It doesn't *have* to be red from the factory, but that's a plus.

What car would you pick for this? I'm thinking a current generation v6 Mustang would tick all these boxes pretty well. Also a current-ish generation Boxster appeals to me.