Hey there fellow Opponauts, AR24-7 here. I haven’t posted in forever, I’ve been having a lot going on so sorry about that. So in order to get the rest of you back up to speed, here’s what I got. And I also promise if I have a post this long ever again, it will be a good read, not just pictures, but anyway.

First, (as in this post) I’m going to finish my massive Detroit Auto Show photo dump, which only has European and American cars left. I apologize for any poor photography now, but I hope you enjoy the pictures.

Second, I have (thankfully not nearly as many) pictures from the New York Auto Show a couple of weeks ago. Some of these cars are cars I could possibly never see again, so it was a blessing to be able to go and see some of these cars in person.


Lastly, sometime next month I’ll be catching you up on my wonderful automotive adventures in Michigan/Great Lakes Region as well as Nebraska/the Heartland.

So that’s gonna be me the next 2 weeks or so probably. Also, please pray for me as finals week is here...

NAIAS Part 7: The Europeans

NAIAS Part 8: The Americas

That’s it from Detroit, I promise. More coming soon Oppo, cheers!