My McDonald's Meal: The OppositeLock Review

That's right! Another food-based review on OppositeLock!

Like my last review, today's delicacies come from a reputable fast food establishment, McDonald's. As you can see, I got a shitload of food for lunch. I was really hungry. To be specific, I got a large Number 1 (Big Mac meal w/ large fries and Coke), a Quarter-Pounder with Cheese, and a 10 piece chicken McNuggets with sweet and sour sauce. I'm excited.

The Big Mac


Let's be honest, this is the star of the show here. This sandwich is famous for a reason. I think it's one of the best tasting fast food items on sale today. The use of thin beef patties, the center bun, and the amazing special sauce makes for one hell of a burger. If you don't like the Big Mac, you shouldn't be allowed to call yourself an American. If you haven't tried the Big Mac, stop reading and go to your local McDonalds. If you don't have this strange food available in your country, you're living in the wrong country.

The Quarter-Pounder with Cheese


This is another famous McDonald's sandwich, but with a much different formula. It uses a sesame seed bun with pickles, ketchup, slices of onion, cheese, and a quarter-pound of beef. It's a signature American burger if there ever was one. It's very tasty indeed. The 0nions really make this sandwich shine for sure. The only reason I didn't get the double was because I had a bunch of other food to eat.

The 10 Piece McNuggets

What can I say? These are deep fried and breaded nuggets. I love eating them, they make a great side. One thing that makes me very angry is the fact that they discontinued the Sweet Chili dipping sauce, which was ultra delicious. So I had to go with sweet and sour. It's good but it lacks the zest of Sweet Chili.

The Fries

Like I said in my last review, I think McDonalds makes the best french fries. I got a lot of flak for this last time, but I'm sticking to my opinion. When they're fresh, which they were this time, they are so damn delicious. No other fast food place can match them.

The Coke

Again, if you're putting ice in your drink, you're doing it wrong. The soda comes out cold, and you get more of it. Common sense yo.


Overall, this was an amazing meal. A lot of varying tastes and textures made for a very interesting fast food experience. Also, this was a lot of food. Like a lot. It was physically tiring to eat all of it. The thing I'd change for next time I order is to just not order the Quarter-Pounder, it's just too much.

I better make Best of OppositeLock for this.