I'm slowly running out of patience for the people in my auto tech class.

First off, how can people in a class who's purpose is to certify you as a mechanic not...

A: Know that most hoods have safety latches.

B: Know most FWD cars have a transverse engine.


D: Know how to attach jumper cables.

E: Know how long to hold a key and NOT grind the starter.

I feel like most car people just know those things... I've known all that since I was like five.


Then yesterday while the teacher walked away to go get a new code reader, they all started looking through this person's car! Like opening glove boxes and shit. Do none of you have respect for other people's belongings?

You know what, I can answer that questions myself because they've scratched the crap out of the front fender on all three of our teacher's trucks by letting the battery testers clamps slide along and scratch the living hell out of it.

I want to take my dad's truck in and do some maintenance work on it but I'm scared to have these guys around it in fear of scratching it, denting it, or doing who knows what.

-End rant-

Have a Silverado.