So here’s the mandatory post about my pet project.

Long story short, I’ve always loved Twister. It’s my favorite movie. And I’ve always dreamed of having the truck and a replica of Dorothy, and after 19 years of dreaming I’m making it a reality.

Last year my dad got diagnosed with cancer, so I decided now was as good a time as any to get to work on it. I hunted the truck down after two months, and trust me I was hunting for it for close to 2 hours every day. The one I found was exactly set up like the one from the movie, except it was a year older, didn’t have the cab clearance lights, or the sliding rear window. But it had everything else correct! The rims, ride height, engine, interior, exterior, trim and everything else was as it was on the movie truck. I jumped on it as fast as I could.

I took the truck down to Norman, OK, measured the HELL out of the Dorothy they had there, then went to Wakita to measure the Dorothy I they dropped with the Jeep.

From there, I went ahead and had some help from friends, and got to making Dorothy.

Then, I took her up to where they filmed the Hailstone Hill sequence, and yes, I did ride in the back of the truck going up. Sadly there were no flying fishing boats.

And now here is how she sits.

Unfortunately, my dad passed away before he could see this come together. But I know in some way he’s watching me go out and be crazy.

I actually joined a professional storm chasing team! I’m now a part of the Kansas City Storm Chasers. It’s not really official yet, but I’ve talked with the owner of the group and he wants me in.

Dorothy V is still a WIP, but she’s getting there!

Thanks for reading this long ass post, and you can find the FaceBook page for the truck here, at The Paxtonmobile.