I took my daughter to see her first racecars on Saturday.

She was at least as excited about the hearing protection as she was about the cars, but still.

We parked next to some cool cars.

We were next to that GT3 all the way in from town. Sounded pretty fantastic.

Decent view— all the pics are phone, since I had my hands full enough and didn’t want to be farting around with the big camera, lenses, etc.

We took a walk into pit lane after the Porsche Cup race— the cars took a parade lap, then they opened the pit lane for about an hour before the race started.


Love the graphics on this NSX.

Anyway. Fun time. Even more fun taking my just-turned-four kiddo to her first race. She wants to put her earmuffs on again just to watch the video on my phone. Because she knows they’re loud.