This is an post that shouldn't need to exist, but it has become obvious over the last few days, that it does. As we all know, the original Mustang was just a re-skinned Ford Falcon, to quote the designer of the first Mustang, "I told the team that I wanted the car to appeal to women, but I wanted men to desire it, too." The Falcon of the day was a lowly economy car, not a rip-roaring V8 powered Mad Max car. It was this:

And guess what, the first Mustang wasn't much different. Yes, you could get V8's in both, but a majority were powered by 88-120 horsepower Thriftpower straight 6's. Now through out the rest of the 1960's the Mustang grew and grew gaining larger and more powerful V8's eventually resulting in the Boss 429:

In 1971 the Mustang was redesigned again, the first gen Mustang had now grown from it's original weight of 2,445 lbs to 3,560 lbs.

It was no longer a small car, it was a personal luxury car in the vain of the Thunderbird. The government began to mandate safety and emission standards to the point where the top engine was rated at 266 hp from 351 cubic inches and the base inline 6 was still only making 98 hp. So, what you had was a large, heavy, and slow car. Sales dropped to 134,867 units. So, the Mustang was on it's deathbed when it received a complete redesign for 1974.

The 1974 Mustang II was born during the Arab Oil Embargo and made due with out a V8 for the first time, but Ford still sold 296,041 of them, this was the most since 1967 and no model year after has sold more.

It was based on the Pinto, giving it rack and pinion steering, front suspension, and a small size. In 1975 the 302 V8 was introduced and it was used until 1996.

I know a lot of people today hate the styling of it, but it looks cool to me. It's basically a mini Torino (but with a better looking front end), and everybody seems to like those.

This will probably change 0-no one's minds about the Mustang II, but whatever, I needed to vent.