Preface: I was in a minor accident over a month ago now. I rear ended a guy who cut me off and jacked on his brakes. He was cited for reckless driving. Then he tried to file an insurance claim against me.

Fast forward to two weeks ago, his agent called me (we both have progressive) and told me he had just received the police report and the citation for the other driver, and due to the fact that he was cited for reckless driving, he would probably be found 100% at fault, he just needed to get back in contact with the other driver, and then he would call me with the result.

Well two weeks have gone by, and I have not heard a peep. Today I get a call from the girl who is supposed to by handling my side of the claim. She tells me that, as an update, they are waiting for the police report. Well the other agent had called me and said he had it, so how is it that two weeks have gone by and you don't?

Oh, well we don't share case information.

Okay, so you're telling me, the same company representing both sides of the same case, and you can not get the same information???

No, because I have to represent you, and he has to represent his client.

I explain that I understand that, but if it were two different insurance companies, would one agent not call the other to discuss the most recent updates, like per say the arrival of a citation?

The response is of course, yes.

So how is it that in two weeks, neither of you (who work in the same office building) have contacted one another? How is it that neither of you are even remotely on the same page?


To say the least, I am not impressed with the way this is being handled. I have now been transferred between four different agents, given my statement 3 different times, given the accident report info to two different people, and NONE of them are on the same page. No one has a straight answer for me. There is a major lack of professionalism being displayed here, and I do not like it.