The Cars & Croissants of Northern NJ travels around. The event mainly stays in Chatham, but moves to other locations as the opportunity presents itself. A member of the C&C list owns the dealership, so he opened the place up as a location earlier today. While the turnout wasn't huge because of the threat of rain (which still hasn't happened), it certainly wasn't lacking in quality over quantity. I showed up very early (was the third car into the lot), because I'm used to having to shop up by 7:45 in New Canaan just to squeeze into what's left of the parking lot.

More info on the Lancia here

Easily my favorite front end from Audi. I love how mean this thing looks in black with the chrome trim. Simply stunning.

One of the oddly specific courtesy plates.

This was a 1992 Acura NSX. Original owner. 76393 miles on it. Not a huge amount, but driven, as Senna intended. I was wearing my Senna SS hat, and the owner of this had a Senna SS shirt on. We were buddies briefly. There were two other NSXs at the show. Definitely a good sign. One was even supercharged. Look below for that.

Lotus Exige. 1.8L 4 cyl with something in the ballpark of 220HP. The owner daily drives this car. This bandaid was put on after a hit and run when someone backed into him parking. Cracked the carbon fiber a bit, but he put this silly bandaid decal to keep in place. He said it was temporary, but I would leave it there. Car has GPS tracking, as does all the owners other cars.

BMW wagon. RHD. Manual. Looked great, though I didn't see the owner to ask any questions.

Supercharged Acura NSX. Didn't get a chance to talk to the owner, but definitely something I haven't seen before.

There were lots of actually fairly unique/interesting courtesy plates....this included.

Another Lancia! This one was actually on it's maiden voyage after sitting for nearly two years, and going through a year long restoration. Just a little of little things that added up. No major leaks, so that's a success if I know what success is.


There was a French Simca, a few Ferraris, a VW Corrado, several Lotus cars, a spattering of Corvettes, only a couple Mustangs surprisingly. All in, maybe 100 cars total, but my more conservative estimate is 75 or so. Pretty small. There was a 1962 Pontiac Tempest with a 4cyl. Very unique drivetrain setup, but it didn't really catch my attention overall. Maybe next time.

Took the SL600. Outside of anything that may have been lurking in the dealership, the only other V12 was a blue Countach that makes appearances all over. Beautiful looking cars, but it was difficult to get pictures of it that came out as well as some of the ones above.