Seriously, folks. Here today gone tomorrow. For those of you who didn't really get everything you wanted from Rush, this may placate another half of you. There is a lot of buzz going around about it, and I did enjoy the watch, but I still was left wanting a deeper dig into the subject. I suppose I was ultimately turned off by the incorrect statistic at the end of the movie.

Overall, I think it's great to see people out there making new films about racing safety, especially with the past year that we've had. A lot of times I get a little worried that people forget that no matter what, racing is always going to be dangerous and there's always going to be a chance that someone is going to die when racing is afoot. That being said, I do think it's important to step back, realize how far we've come, and be thankful that people don't resent folks who consistently ask "how can it be safer (within reason)."


So, getcha popcorn and turn your phones on vibrate. Turn down the lights and turn up the volume! Welcome to the LNO Theater. Enjoy:…

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