^CLS Shooting Brake. Europe 1, America 0

^Lights green GO.

I've posted a couple times on OPPO and well I should introduce myself. I am Dan, 19, living in Budapest, Hungary. I am here for a year visiting family and just living abroad. I officially live in Corona, California. Moved out to California in '97 at the age of 3.
I have owned 3 cars over the past few years:
My first car which I owned was a Pearl White 2000 Audi A4 2.8 Quattro....auto :( It was great, low mileage, but auto. Loved everything about that car just regret getting an auto. But it was too good to pass up.
I paid half/half with my father than paid him off later with money made from working (Carwash)

*Not my house. Just felt so cool I found a big house to take picture next too

*Soft off-roading Because Quattro

Than I started a messenger job for summer and didnt want to put stress on that fine German piece of engineering. So....
I bought my second car. (Still owning my Audi) I only had a few grand to buy a motorized vehicle. I searched and searched Craigslist. Wanted something useful, simple and doesnt attract police attention driving around all day. Came up on a dark blue 2002 Chrysler Sebring Convertible 2.4L auto nicknamed 'Catfish' (LoL) I wanted manual, but I knew I would regret it in Los Angeles traffic everyday. We rented one once in Hawaii and I thought Southern California weather would be perfect for it. It worked perfect when I had to carry boxes just retracted the top toss in boxes, than locked the top back in. It was fun. To make it a little interesting I tinted the tail lights black and limo tint on windows (Later to remove it from a few tickets. Damn California law) re-sprayed the steelies black, and painted the front grill and emblems black. It was a stealthy, ghetto Sebring.
Picture dump, I took a lot of pictures of the Sebring during my job. It kind of grew on me.

*Took it to the beach

*When I got bored with friends while waiting for the bumper to dry after slight mofication and grill respray to black. I dont know why but I liked this.

*Sebring meets Triangles one early morning before work

*Did the job

*Made me happy

Than I sold the Audi after a year because too much gas and problems were starting to occur and I couldnt afford the upkeep. It was my absolute favorite car and if I become wealthy one day I will buy another one or two or three :)
My Sebring was getting pretty abused from driving all day. So I headed back to Craigslist in search of another fine peace of German Engineering to replace the Audi (Its an addiction)
With money from the Audi I stumbled upon a '99 Silver Volkswagen Passat 1.8t stick Wagon/Combi/Avant/Variant (whatever you call it) Finally a manual!!!
and TURBO!!! And one sudden day on my delivery job I was involved in an accident. Good thing I bought another car because I would have been carless. It became non-driveable and sold it for $400
Had to quit my messenger job because I didnt want the wagon to suffer the same fate (I Hate You LA)

I basically wanted a Passat because my brother has a Silver 2000 Passat 2.8 4motion (pictures below). I have a wierd fascination for wagons and I love the B5 Passat. Fit Perfect. But I didnt get to spend to much time with it because I needed a break from work and school. So my parents sent me home (Hungary) I cant wait to go back and hug that car :))

*First day with the Passat. Putting brothers 4motion wheels on because bigger and not lame stock

*Debadging the ASS.

*End of the rainbow. My pot of luck.

*Typical stop for us

*Brotherly Love. Yes my blinker housing fell out in a car wash. Yes Both. Yes B5 Passat problems.

*My brother is an asshole. Yes he has VW CC wheels with 1.5(in) lowered in front and 1(in) in the back. Dat RAKE.

*Brothers Passat

*Subtle off-roading. Just a toe

*We basically got these cars a week apart. My brother got his car a week before I got the Sebring. I didnt tell him I bought the Sebring so I went to his school and parked next to his car before he got out. He laughed his ass off. -.-

Hope you enjoyed