My Friend with the BRZ was Hit by a Bus and Left for Dead: Update

He was transferred out of the Critical Care Unit on Sunday, and was removed from the ventilator to breathe on his own the Friday before that. It has felt great to get to speak to him again, he is definitely tired though, and needs tons of rest. He won't be quite himself until he is more recovered. He says he hurts everywhere, I don't really doubt him for a second.

His mother is a experienced and well trained nurse, and he is being discharged from the hospital so she can care for him herself in Austin, his recovery time will be anywhere from 8-12 weeks, which sucks. I normally see him every day, so this has been quite strange, and things won't feel normal again for a long time.


If anyone is close to Subaru's PR department, I'd like to talk to them about maybe getting some little stuff for him to cheer him up. He didn't have his car for about a month because of an off-road adventure that required some suspension work on his driver's side rear, and after getting it back for maybe two weeks this has happened, and he won't be able to drive it until he is well enough to operate both of his legs. Fortunately, his clutch leg got off pretty easily, his right leg is in bad shape. Not really looking for a handout, but I think pretty much anything would cheer him up at this point, he is not the type of person to enjoy being bedridden for a month or two.

The police have located the bus that was involved, and by proxy the driver. He is in custody and that is all I know at this time.

Thanks for the outpouring of support guys, it has really helped me be strong for him during a really difficult time in my life.

IRL Drama

So, my friend with the Blue BRZ that is commonly pictured next to my 2 was hit by a bus last night, while walking. He compound fractured his tibia and fibula, broke his right arm, has head trauma (no swelling, amazingly), and is still on bed rest in the Critical Care Unit. The worthless piece of shit that hit him stripped him down naked, took his ID/Phone and left him for dead in a ditch minutes from Texas A&M, at twilight. He was found hours later, and not even identified until 10AM Thursday.

Shit is serious.

He is alive, and will make a full recovery, but it's going to take months. He's my lifting partner, and on Tuesday I watched him leg press over 700 pounds. On Thursday I saw him unconscious in a hospital bed. I have had life threatening injuries myself, but never have I been worried so deeply for a close friend. The wait to find out if he was alive, or brain damaged was excruciating. He was taken off ventilator today and is breathing on his own, I spoke with him for the first time in two days (typically I see him daily) over lunch today, words can not describe how happy it makes me.


The police have located a damaged bus that would match the scenario he was injured in, I hope that fucker gets his day in court, so badly. It makes me livid that somebody could do such a thing and then have the gall to drive off. Icing on the cake is that it is supposedly one of the campus transit buses. I will post updates as more information becomes clear in the investigation.