That's right. There seems to be two kinds of people who read Tavarish's articles. The first is the "I would TOTALLY do that if I had the money / my wife would let me / my husband would let me / I didn't already own 11 Citroens" crowd. The other is the "You'll spend that much keeping it running / I don't have time to wrench / I like my Camry's warranty / I live in an apartment and only have room for one car because for some reason all of the other 11 spots are taken up by old Citroens" crowd.

But it turns out there's a select few who note that they have some extra money saved up, have no less than five backup vehicles, a full complement of tools, access to a lift, a lot of mechanical know-how, and a desire to go 180mph while their back is massaged and heated.


The result? 2004 Mercedes S55 AMG. 100k miles, dealer-serviced since new, and in immaculate cosmetic and mechanical condition. If you've ever wondered what would happen if someone actually took Tavarish's advice, then you're about to find out.