I'm not sure this is titled correctly.. Anyway, as some may or may not know, I got a '14 Focus ST one month and a day ago. I love this car, it was my dream hot hatch. I adore everything about it; the precise driving inputs, the handling, the feel and the practicality, the fact that it only comes with a manual(it being my very first and loving it!), and of course, THE POWER!! It is simply fantastic. But I can't help but feel like something isn't right...

Everytime I see the new Mustang it just hits right in all the right spots. Everything about it screams "perfect", "fantastic", and of course "SO MUCH WANT". What most people don't know is that before the ST, I had considered, and you'll probably kill me for it, hang me by a transaxle or whatever, I wanted a V6 Mustang. I'll tell you why.


1. I don't buy the "It's not a proper muscle car if it isn't powered by a big block V8" mess. Or the always laughable "Your driving the same thing that a girl/secretary/insert other feminine job here drives" Bullshit; That's all rubbish to me. Mustangs and all muscle cars have had some form of 6-cylinder engine at some point, hell, the FIRST Mustang had an inline-6. Was that not a muscle car? If so, what do we call the first Stang then? just a Car? a Coupe?

2. Starting at around $22k, the V6s were the only Stangs that would fit in my budget(that is to say, anything below $25k).

Now you might be wondering, "well hell Karl, why didn't you go out and find a used '10-12 GT and call it a day?" well it never came across my mind and I didn't want another used car unless it was a Porsche or something really special to me.


Now, being the PorscheTamer I am, the proper thing to say right now would probably be "I want a 911 to call my own, and give me many pleasures for all of my future drives". But unfortunately, that dream won't come true for another who knows how many years and that makes me sad.. :(

And then you'll all say, "Karl for fucks sake, you've got a 911 in your garage!" And you know what? Your absolutely right! But is it my 911? Nope! Can I drive it whenever I want? Hell no! I see it every week just sitting there waiting for May when the insurance goes back on it and it can finally be driven; except for the fact that it'll still be in the garage as my Dad will inevitably choose to take the Harley out for the weekend drive instead and let that poor 911 sit there until another mechanical problem arises...Much sadness :(

If it isn't clear I'm very emotional about cars, to me they're not just like a work of art, but another sentient, living being.

Now we have the 2015 Mustang, which I honestly believe looks very much sexy, much European and very much like a proper modern Mustang. The pony up front, the sequential taillights that make any 5 year old kid stare in such awe and amazement, the engine choices, even the new Turbo I-4(remember the SVO?); every thing is Mustang!

And I can't help but think I made the right choice at the wrong time..I mean am I happy with me current car? Couldn't be happier! Is it more hoonable than any other car I've driven? Well seeing as I've only driven a Windstar, a base Magnum and a somewhat sporty Astra, of freaking course! But I feel as though I picked the ST now because of one reason: I was being smart.

I new from the start that my ideal cars have 6-cylinder engines, are 2-door coupes, with serious history behind them, and will always turn heads. Does the ST do the turning of the heads? Well it only does that now because of my new exhaust:

I knew thaht I'd be forced to carry things back in forth from work, college, dorm, and home and of course a hatch makes perfect sense. I wanted fast so the only hatches with that ability would have turbos. And it had to be "American", so no GTI for me and definitely not a MS3.


For reasons I cannot explain(at lest I think I can't), I can't go back on my decision now, I have an ST and I'm very happy with it, and that's how I hope it stays for the many winding, dipping and straight roads ahead; but I can't help but think there's something really missing right now. Now it may be the fact that I'm in college and doing engineering things that will one day get me that high-paying job that'll allow me to own all my dream cars, but that's a very long time away.

So tell me Oppo, why am I feeling so glum about this? Is it alright to wish I had waited for the '15? Was I being stupid by thinking practically? Does any of this actually make some sense? Anyone ever have this problem before?