As a car enthusiast/father, I love Will It Baby. But sadly, little Otto will be outgrowing this beloved column before we know it. As such, I would like to nominate myself to take on the "Will It Baby" arena.

Now, before we get into all of the reasons why this will never happen, let me first address a few reasons why I think it should.


First off, I have a baby. This is an important requirement, and I already have it checked off the list! Nothing for us (Or my wife) to worry about there. No taping of gorillas into Ferraris.

Second, he's not one of those weird looking babies. You all know what I mean. I feel that having a cute little guy is important in continuing this grand tradition.

Third, I can (kind of) write. Sometimes, I can put a compete thought into a sentence. On a good day, I can even compose an entire paragraph!


I feel like these three reasons make me the obvious choice, and so I am officially endorsing my candidacy for Will It Baby.

I kid, of course. Mr. Hardigree would never hand a press car over to random strangers on the internet. I'm just saying, you'll need someone new eventually. Unless Torchinsky is crazy enough to have another child...