My boss came in my office around an hour ago and tossed this on my desk and said "let me know when you're ready". He didn't even make it out of the room before I was up and ready to go.

Dialed into Dynamic mode and my right foot ready, we drove down the street and headed toward the highway. It's quite a comfortable ride, and I can imagine more so when not in Dynamic setting.


When I hit the on ramp to the highway I realized what I had here. This is fucking ridiculously fast. Coming from the driver of Jeeps and a 330Ci the RS5 is insane. It just grips and rips - it goes and goes and goes keeping you pushed into the seat. My face hurts from smiling so much. Grab the paddles and shifts feel almost instant, and the exhaust note is a nice deep rumble when your foot is buried. If you ever get the chance to hop in one of these and go for a ride I highly suggest you do so.