So I finally got a ticket in at 4pm today, regarding a dead printer. Apparently, after a power fluctuation, the printer shut off and wouldn't turn back on, or power cycle, or anything; either way it was my job to go investigate.

I go downstairs to take a look, and one of the two people who share that office comes to me and says he has a problem with his printer, unaware that I was working on it. He buttered me up pretty nicely though, calling me "Super IT-Guy" and what not, so I had no issue with it. While we walked back to his office, he was explaining everything he had tried already to make it work, with no success, so I figured it'd be pretty cut and dry.


When I arrived at the office, I noticed the printer wasn't plugged in, and plugged it in. The printer came to life happily, with a few short chirps to let us know he was working and accounted for. Normally I don't laugh at user error, but I broke my golden rule, I laughed. Poor guy, he was so embarrassed.

TL;DR: Got paid $160 today to plug in a printer and browse Jalopnik.