So, today I saw 3 different T-Birds (of the modern variety), a Rolls Royce Phantom, various tuner cars (not riced, but many were Subarus), and a classic Beetle cabriolet. I had a dumb situation driving in traffic today as well.

It also was rush hour when I drove out, so traffic was easy eastbound, but crazy westbound. I was in my mother's Odyssey, after bringing it to get an estimate for a gigantic paint chip on the front right quarter panel, next to the hood (estimated at over $500!!!).


On the way back, I was being squeezed in at one point, being in a colossal van didn't make it easy for me. I saw clear road up ahead, but blocked partially by a lane-splitting CUV in front of me, the road behind me was somehow being blocked by an articulated bus somehow trying to get into the turning lane I was desperately trying to get out of, so I managed to floor it out of my ever so claustrophobically tightening space, and the grunt of the engine in the van relieved my tension, as I blasted through the clear intersection.