After rear ending someone this week for my first accident in 7 years I just had my first get off on the bike. I was on my way to enterprise to see if I could bump up my reservation to today or tomorrow due to the inbound inclement weather. I hit what I thought was a dusting of sand at the edge of the road into the parking lot which turned out to be about 3 inches deep. Rear end washed out and I hit the ground at maybe 5-10 mph. Best I can figure for damage to both vehicles so far below. Wear your gear kids, my smx-3s probably saved my foot from a world of hurt today.

350z: bumper, hood, hood latch and associated supports, hood hinge, pax side headlight, paint

SV650: scraped exhaust can, broken rear brake pedal, scuffed frame slider, slightly bent handle bar (looks like the bolt between the handle bar bracket and triple tree bent), slightly bent front brake lever, scuffed bikini fairing over headlight.