Its a wrap, done deal. Has it ever happened to you that a regular car was released and you told to yourself that you're gonna get one, one day? It's exactly happened to me and my sister in 2007, when the GTI Fahrenheit was released. We were astonished by how they turned a regular car so appealing. We told ourselves that, one day, we were going to own one.

This day never happened to my sister. But I had mine last June. Regulars on here probably ended up reading my article on how it turned a regular guy broke.

You know, when you're shopping for a car and you see one in horrible shape, don't buy it. If the previous owner didn't care about a clean car, he probably didn't care about maintaining it properly. Trust me, I did the test for you guys and you really shouldn't do it yourself. Even if it has a warranty. You have no idea what parts are not covered by a warranty.


I'm still completely in love with Volkswagen. But I bought a Honda and took delivery yesterday.

My hear broke at this very moment ^

Its a 2014 SI sedan that I bought from my uncle. Its pretty nice so far but I know i'll miss the GTI, I was emotionally attached. By the way, pretty hard pulling up to the dealer knowing it's the last time you're driving your car. Damn, I'm not over it yet.

Stay tuned for reviews!