There is much, much more wrong than the spacing and readability issues that others have pointed out. The site itself is broken. That "Top Stories" frame extends the list off the screen but does not scroll with the rest of the page. If you zoom out in the browser with "ctrl -", more of the list is revealed which means the site is wasting memory rendering stuff that normally cannot be seen.


The coding of the menus seems to be oriented towards larger screens, with no consideration for the way the formatting would get screwed up on anything smaller. My laptop is a modest 1280x800 and the drop-down for "Your Blogs" cuts off the list of Gawker sites (not that I'd ever visit one of them) with no way to scroll it.

The "Edit" button is hidden in the stupid gear icon at the top right corner. That would be fine if clicking on the gear gave you a list of options, but EDIT is the only selection you get, making this the most useless, inefficient drop-down ever. Why not just put the edit button directly on the page? It's right there on the Oppo FP, why make it go into hiding when you click into a post?

I liked the endless scrolling. This just turns perusing Oppo into a chore.

This compose button is a transparent overlay, which makes it hard to find even if you know where it is. It's also redundant as you already get a compose button when you click on the "stupid little person in a box". Like the edit button, it's only on the Oppo FP. If you are inside a post and want to compose, you have to use the button in the drop-down.


The "share" icon set (that the edit button is hidden in) is also a hard-to-see overlay like the compose button.

The decision to put "By [username]" after the tag makes it look like the tag is supposed to be the title.


I've tested the site in Chrome and Firefox. The non-scrolling stories list and cut-off Gawker site list are present in both browsers. It's not an issue of being rendered incorrectly, the code for the site itself is causing the problems.