There are at least half a dozen students, if not more, who drive 100 Land Cruisers. I know at least three personally who all drive identical white ones. This does seem to me like a bad choice for a first car for a couple reasons:

They aren't as safe as parents think they are. Yes, it's a big, heavy SUV, but the crash avoidance abilities of these things are what I would best describe as woeful. They are top-heavy, sluggish to turn and stop, and have bigger side and rear blindspots than a normal car. They really do give a false sense of security. And they are hard to maneuver around a HS parking lot.


They suck down gas. They get 12 MPG city, which is basically the only place they get driven. That's impressively bad. Even a V8 4x4 Suburban of the same year does better than that. The perks of driving an off-road oriented vehicle exclusively on the road.

They are expensive. All the examples I see are low-mileage examples in excellent shape. They will run you at least $20,000, despite being at least seven years old. At Hollywood High, it's not at all uncommon for students to drive cars that are more than that, but surely these style-conscious kids would rather be in a V6 Mustang or C300 Mercedes.

Do I care about this? Nope. I'm just glad to see so many classmates rolling in a truly classy SUV, and I'd like to think they will maybe get their tires a little dirty someday.


On that note, the J100 Lexus LX is even more popular with the parents than the LC is with their offspring. I know two families that have two of them, and lots more have one. So yeah, the off-roader isn't really dead at my school. It just gets used for the same duties as a crossover or minivan.