I just remembered I had a photobucket account. Remember photobucket? Something something peppersomething farms. How many cars have I owned? I lost count a long time ago... My best estimation is somewhere around 60. Here’s some pictures of some of them.

‘84 GT with T-tops! It only had around 63,000 miles, but the paint was thoroughly Florida’d.

‘88 GT convertible. I bought it for $700. I got royally hosed. Total POS. What’s that other car?

‘83 Crown Vic. I did a lot of brake and suspension upgrades to this and had planned to build a nice GT-40 headed small block for it. Sadly, I lost interest. I drove it for quite a while with the 130-hp EEC3 CFI 5.0. It was slow, but it looked good!

Not a car! And I still have it. I rode this thing from Minneapolis to New Orleans 10 years ago... Now it gathers dust in my shed.

Also not a car! 1970 Pere Marquette with Volvo B20 Dual Stromberg powah! I learned that boats suck. At least it was pretty.

Another ‘88 GT! I owned this car in high school. I bought it from a traveling sales lady who bought it used with 11,000 miles in 1989- when I got my hands on it there were 425,000 miles on it. Original everything, too. I even knew the mechanic who serviced it for its entire life who verified this. High school me ruined it. This was several years after I had sold it when I had found it sitting in some meth head’s lawn. Nope, he didn’t want to sell it. He was going to fix it up some day, but “the fuel injection went out.” I never saw it again. Bonus: That totally boring 2001 Impala in the background was mine, too. It wasn’t even interesting enough to get its own pic.

Keeping with the Mustang Convertible theme- here’s a 2003 GT. I wanted to love this car so badly... What a miserable, half-assed car. There wasn’t one part on the New Edge Mustangs that Ford gave a single *&%$ about.

.’85 Eagle. I bought it for... reasons. I sold it for better reasons.

‘88 TurboCoupe. With a proper fuel system and FMIC this thing was a hoot.

‘88 Country Squire. Best. College. Car. EVER. Especially with the 12" subs occupying the space where the way-back seats were and the 2" straight pipes.

‘87 Crown Vic Police Package w/351 Windsor. It was the first engine rebuild I ever did. I started restoring the car, but got nowhere. Ended up scrapping it. The engine still resides on the floor of my dad’s shed.

Not a car again! ‘97 Honda Valkyrie. I deeply regret selling this. I had it for about a year and put about 15,000 miles on it.

‘86 CJ-7. Again, wish I still had it. I sold it to fund my Cherokee’s rehabilitation. Should have sold the Cherokee instead. Oh, well.

‘97 Cherokee. Bought it to flip, did way too much work to it, made zero profit.

‘95 Cherokee. It was my baby, and still is. The body succumbed to the tinworm, but the drivetrain was swapped into a rust-free 2wd body. So when I say I’ve owned my XJ for 14 years, I’ve really owned one for 7 years that morphed into another one that I’ve had for 7 years.

‘88 Bronco II. Gutless turd. Kinda cool though, I guess.

‘63.5 Galaxie. It a parts car for another Galaxie that has gone nowhere in 15 years. Also pictured: ‘64 Buick Wildcat, ‘56 Studebaker President and ‘57 Studebaker President. All parts cars. Only the Galaxie and the ‘57 remain.

2007 F-teenthousand. Meh.

Isuzu Pickemup. I got it for free, drove it like I hated it, and sold it for $900.

‘79 Bronco. Lost my ass on this one. I traded a decent ‘79 F-150 Supercab 4x4 for it. Have you ever seen a ‘79 half-ton Supercab with four wheel drive? I have. Once. Stupid me.

‘67 Baja Bug. Bought and sold without ever getting to drive it.

MAH STUDE! Still have...

‘88 Cabby. I lit the dorm parking lot on fire with it because Bosch CIS.

That’s all I’ve got for now. And this doesn’t even scratch the surface of all the shitboxes I’ve owned!