I came up with some of these just for fun. This is either going to go over well, or totally get me banned on the FP.

Andrew "One Bad Mutha Trucka" Collins

Mate "The Hungarian Hoon" Petrany

Zac "Best QOTD Ever" Estrada

Micheal "Bristol Blasphemer" Ballaban

(new) Travis "Taken" Okulski,

Jason "The Flowchart" Torchinsky, Jason "The Beetle" Torchinsky, Jason Tartarsauce



Aaron "Detroit Detective" Foley

Sir Patrick "Deep Cover" George or Patrick "Dirty Love" George

Raphael "Whole lotta" Orlove, Raphael "Flippin' dem ditches" Orlove, (new) Raphael GIFs O-Love

Stef "Porschetard" Schrader



Doug "The Flambe" DeMuro or Doug "No Pants" DeMuro

Already established-

Matt "The Hardibird" Hardigree