For those of you who weren’t able to attend the Jalopnik Hurricane Relief Show in Newark, here’s some of the cars that were present. (On a side note, I saw Ballaban for the first time in real life today, it’s true, he really does look pissed off all the time)

This was my first time seeing a couple of cars IRL for the 1st time. Here’s my first skyline in daylight. I can see where all the love is

My first mini as well, and a fine one at that

Ballaban’s yugo has changed for the better, hasn’t it?

There were a couple of rivalries at the show. (Yes I consider a 300HP car vs a 200HP car a rivalry)

See what I mean?

Call me crazy, but I think the plate on that evo is lying

Deja Vu

Woah, look! It’s that car named after that band from the 60's! What were they called, The Rolling Stones? This was Raph’s by the way, something I didn’t realize when I saw him or the wood trunk, just when Dusty Ventures pointed it out to me

Ah, the ideal Jag, one with the hood open and multiple people working on it

I think I read about this HF on Oppo, right?

The driver of that 86 from above would not like to see this

Stereotypical Wrangler

I want both of them.

First time seeing a Miata after NA

Unfortunately, I don’t know what this plymouth is, but I love it

10/10. Would DD if it had a bokozuku body kit

Nice FoST or FiST (?)

Some say you haven’t been a car enthusiast until you’ve owned an Alfa Romeo (and it’s broken down)

Most mint S2k I’ve ever seen

Not even going to joke about a Mercedes with its hood open

Well then, those are the cars that were present from 3:00PM to 3:45PM, when I had arrived and left, on a side note, headed out when I came in was a 911, Cayman GT4, and a 240SX convertible. On another side note, I was ready to buy a US Flag/Wrench Shirt, but just as I was headed to the stand with 20 bucks, they shut it down!