On Day 5, we moved ourselves to an Airbnb in Odaiba.

It was time, for Comiket.

For those who don’t know, Comiket is a massive comic market that takes place in Odaiba at Tokyo Big Sight twice a year.


This is Tokyo Big Sight.

First, though, we had to get there.


Like, I know that places are open late, but 25:00?

I’m pretty sure that’s not a time.

Showing up, we did see this great Madoka display, apparently in collaboration with Lawson’s, a convenience store in Japan.

This person had set up a tiny table on their table with figures of characters holding the stuff they were selling!

I had no idea what to make of this person in the Haruhi costume. Kind of creepy.

Saw a couple of cosplayers that day. This person was doing a cosplay of the character Nagisa Momoe from Madoka.

They tried.

and this cosplay of Shinobu from Monogatari.

That evening though, we walked a bit to a life-size Gundam.

My friend is quite short, in comparison. But then again, so is everyone.

That evening, we went to the Toyota Museum at Mega Web, those pictures are at the bottom of the article.

We did see a giant ferris wheel, though. Lit up at night it was pretty cool, So bright it reflected on the building across the way.

At this point, we really didn’t have any other plans, so it was time to hit the parking lots and see what sort of cool cars were out!

This van was pretty ridiculous. that door on the side opened gullwing style.

It was pretty cool getting some pictures of this kei car with the ferris wheel reflecting on it.

This Honda Accord Isuzu was interesting, too.

Some more cool cars that evening.

This bridge to the train station was gorgeous

And here we have the laziest Itasha ever:

This guy got himself a great license plate

The owner of this car was also excited that we liked it. We started taking pictures of it...

But it was even cooler lit up.

I don’t actually know most of the designs from these vehicles, but this van was also pretty awesome.

This was really sharpie!

This Suzuki Alto featuring Ritsu Tanaka from K-ON! was pretty cool

Messing around with aperture settings and such, got my friend this great picture of these taxis.

On the way back to the Airbnb, spotted this sweet Mini Bike

Day 2 of Comiket:

This R34 was insane, but couldn’t get a good closeup.

In case you didn’t think I was serious about Comiket being massive, I got in line at around 8:30AM, and the line already looked like this:

and I wasn’t in the back of it for very long.
The event opened at 10AM. It was incredibly impressive how quickly they moved us all into the event hall. All however-many-of-us there were all got in by 10:45.

This person had an arcade set up for their figmas.

And someone cosplaying Cirno from Touhou!

This BMW was pretty low.

I figured Oppo would require seeing this:

There was a cosplay event on Day 2. It was pretty impressive.

(for the full gallery of pictures from the cosplay event:


We went back to that parking lot the second night.

Minis are awesome.

Dekotora. No more description necessary.

The Colt is a pretty cool car, shame we didn’t get it here.

The Multipla was not a cool car, and this one was covered in Love Live, which made it pretty trash.

The Toyota Will Cypha is very strange.

This Patrol was TALL.

Paging Takuro Spirit, Takuro Spirit to the white courtesy telephone.

Even kei vans can be campers, but man, tight quarters.

Definitely low

And Now, The Toyota Museum at Mega Web:

It’s too bad Toyota doesn’t offer this color here.
Selling beer and shaved ice out of a trailer attached to a Merc wagon.
This doesn’t seem that safe.
Awesome central exhaust!
On a Prius?

Definitely more to come! Stay tuned for Part 6: Mountains of and Curry!

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