Thanks Oppo for all the help and knowledge on Jeep Cherokees the other day.

I went with my friend to look at it last night. Naturally traffic was terrible so we didn’t get there till it was dark. It was also raining. Fortunately I was smart and brought a flashlight and a set of old coveralls to throw on over my clothes so I could get under it.

I really, really wanted to love this Jeep, and so did my friend. For it’s age and mileage, it was in superb condition. It was tastefully upgraded with an Old Man Emu lift kit and Borla exhaust that wasn’t too loud or drone-y. And it was done right, the owner shimmed the Xfer case to ease the driveline angle and save the U-joints. It also had new floor pans put in up front. The rest of the body was solid aside from needing a little touch up paint on the right front fender and roof. Mechanically the only issues I saw were it needed a front pinion seal and valve cover gasket. Overall, though, it was pretty sweet!


And then... frame rot! For those not familiar, the Cherokee uses a hybrid Unibody/Frame design. What I mean is, a sort of “semi-frame” structure is welded or otherwise bonded to a unibody structure. And the frame portion was all rotted out over the rear axle on the right side, probably a good foot or so of it. It’s totally fixable, but not something either of us have the time or workspace to tackle at the moment. So I think he’s going to let this one go.