Just about had a head-on with another student at my school. I was heading down a very steep hill with cars parked on the uphill side. They do make the road somewhat narrower, but two vehicles can still pass each other fine. I should know, I drive down it every day. So this kid comes up the hill in his white Ford Expedition, hugging the curb on MY side of the road (the wrong side). I thought for sure, when he saw me coming, he'd get back on his side, or at least slow down. Nope. I stood on the brakes (ABS kicked in majorly) and held down the horn. This guy the proceeds to miss the front of my car by a very small margin, and returns to the wrong side of the road after he passes me. I think I also scared the crap out of some kid standing by the road. But it ain't him that needs new underwear right about now. At the end of last year, I had a similar incident with another student in a red Expedition of the same body style, only my mom was in the passenger seat. She flipped out a little.

People, especially new drivers: If it's too big for you to drive, don't drive it. Parents, you are equally guilty: many of you can't drive your own big SUVs, yet you put your kids in them because you think it's the only way too keep them safe from all those crazy clueless high schoolers in their big SUVs.