I am not looking forward to this Friday. Rant below. 10th place Le Mans Cadillac for your time.

So, my brother is getting married on Friday. I got "chosen" to be best man and this supposedly has responsibilities with it. I guess I have to give a bullshit speech about bullshit, or whatever. I also bought a suit for this, fine, I guess I needed one anyways. I also had to buy a shirt, a shirt that doesn't go with the suit, but once again, whatever. For the shoes, I had to buy red hightop Chucks. Fuck those uncomfortable, overpriced, crappy fucks. So, I had to spend over $300 on shit that I didn't want and might wear once afterwards. And I have to take off work Friday which means I lose more money.


My schedule for the next 2 weeks is as follows, fix my suspension, replace my exhaust, pre-game wedding dinner Thursday night, wedding Friday, and Skip Barber on the 21st. Fuck.