“And none of you, our readers who are mostly automotive experts, aren’t even remotely qualified! And to work for us, you have to move to NYC, a place where private car ownership is frowed upon and costs 10x more than a normal city!

We’re looking for people with journalism experience and research skills to write about cars! And the best part? You don’t have to know anything about cars initially to be considered!”

Yeah. Sure. Great. Maybe if we got a little more focus on getting more real car people in over there, we’d get content more like we did years ago.


Here’s a better idea, how about giving readers a chance to write something of substance, if you’re going to tell the readers your hiring. And then pick a few people to write part time remotely as a temporary solution. Hell, Jeremy Clarkson got his job by ranting on camera about how miserable the 2CV is as a car.

But no. Let’s get some more generic journalists and just plug them into writing positions wherever open, regardless of whether or not they’re qualified IN THE SUBECT.