Are you aware your main search page is absolute garbage? I enter my city and select it from the drop down, then it is rare it lets me select a search radius, and if it does allow that, selecting Make and Model works once out of a piss-off amount of times. Same results with Google Chrome, IE, Firefox.

There is a 1996 (I think) MX5 with hardtop that looks clean and only has 100,000km for under $5k. But I can't get at it! I'm a grown man-child and I just want to cry. I really want to have something ready for spring to take to Auto-X and Cayuga road course. Plan is stay under $5000 for the car, and another $2000ish put into it.

EDIT: I finally got it to work! I don't know what I did, planets must have aligned for a brief moment for me to search MX5


EDIT-EDIT: Naaaooooo!! It asked me for my location again and everything got bitched as per usual.