Well THAT was fun!! Ferraris, Lamborghinis, Maseratis, Mercedes, and one Hennessey Venom GT (yes, THE World Record holder)... OH MY!! Click on the link, read all about it (it's worth it, trust me).

So I dragged my 6 year old daughter to the Ferrari Festival at Highland Village today to take a look at some cars that I shall someday buy during my upcoming mid-life crisis. Many to choose from, all quite impressive. F360s, 458s, 355s, and Californias were strewn across the parking lot like a wealthy parents' son's Hot Wheels collection. Most with specialty license plates (yes, I know it's a "458", you don't really need a plate that repeats the chrome badge a foot away from it). In a place filled with cars that will turn heads anywhere else, what vehicles turned heads when they all get together?


There was one yellow Enzo sitting behind velvet ropes that was drool-worthy. Amazing vehicle. I just dislike the color on anything other than a taxi, but it is still a panty dropper. There was also a green Dino GT. This was the most amazing vehicle to me. The lines and curves on it are gorgeous. It screams "classic", and anyone that knows slightly more than the average person about Ferraris would appreciate it. There was one Aventador sitting across the street, next to a Carrera GT, a couple of Gallardos, and a Murcielago. No matter how many pictures you see of it, nothing compares to staring at it in-person. It really is a street-legal stealth fighter with four wheels. Amazing.

As previously stated, the World Record Venom GT was over on the side of the lot. I was walking down the front of the cars telling my daughter about each vehicle, not even paying attention, when I came up to it. "Honey, here is a Ferrari 458, this is an old MB coupe, and this is a Lotu... Wait. WAIT. HOLY..." Yes, I was able to censor myself in front of the child before I completed the sentence. John Hennessey was standing behind the car, chatting with people about it. John mentioned Jalopnik while talking with them (positive comments, also I now realize one of the guys was McChiken116). I casually walked up and stood there listening, while my daughter kept telling me that she wanted to go across the street and get a hot chocolate from Starbucks. "Not right now, baby, daddy needs to be here. This guy is famous."

The other people left, and I was able to chat with John for about 20 minutes about a myriad of things. First, I asked him what his response was to people (particularly Jalopnik and OppoLock commenters) who said that the Venom GT was just a supped up Lotus. He actually completed my sentence and said that those people have never seen this vehicle in person, and that it is obvious that the car was heavily engineered to be it's own vehicle. I must agree. While the body started out as a Lotus, and the engine started out as a Corvette power plant, neither can claim to be even remotely close to factory spec anymore. This car is its own. If you're skeptical, stand beside it. Your opinion will change. He said a couple of other things about future models that he probably wouldn't want me to say online, so I'll just tease you with the fact that there are big things to come.


We also got to chat about the M2K Ford GT that obliterated his record at the Texas Mile recently. John said that, while his shop has worked on it in the past, it's not his vehicle. Impressively, he also said that he thinks that the other shop can still get another 300-400 horsepower out of the car's engine. The car's owner and Mr. Hennessey know each other well, and have good things to say about each other. He is worried, however, that someone might hurt themselves physically (or worse) if they try to one-up the new record. At this point, my daughter's nagging became overwhelming, and I had to cut the conversation short. John Hennessey was EXTREMELY courteous and a nice guy throughout. I know a lot of people here have said otherwise of the guy, but it was certainly not my experience.

It was a great 1.5 hours of up-close and personal car porn today, and I'll be searching for more events like this in the future. On the way back to my truck, in the parking garage, I found these two vehicles parked right next to each other (almost directly across from my F-150). I had to take a picture of it. How often do you see this?!?!