/political, probably, offensive, probably not.

When I say that a politician used public money to both fly to and perform a hair implant operation, here's an image from a newspaper report on the case:

Translated to good old english, it says:

Public money: Renan uses Brazilian Air Force plane to travel to Pernambuco, where he underwent a hair implant operation.

But what it means is that this man, Renan Calheiros:

Who happens to have been convicted of several counts of corruption and other related crimes already, not only evaded jail time, but is back in office, an office to which he was not elected, but "gifted" to, used taxpayer's money, my money, Hermann's money, everybody's money, to get more hair. That's illegal, you know. Also, he made a much bigger effort to justify his actions than to hide them, as everyone and their mothers knew it had happened right when it happened. He still claimed he was entitled to this stuff because of his position. Because fuck us, I guess?