Fox Business consulted the communications director from the National Motorists Association (you know, the people who actually fought the double nickel, unlike AAA which lobbies for lower speed limits to benefit their insurance branch) for his take on states raising or planning on raising their maximum speed limits this past year or two.

This news segment is wrong that MA would be the only New England state with above 65 mph if this 70 mph bill get passed; Maine is at 75 mph and New Hampshire raised to 70 mph this year. Nonetheless, some good news from the Northeast. This news source actually used someone who knows what he's talking about, a U-Mass College of Engineering Associate Professor, to talk about the increase rather than citing someone with a political/fiscal agenda.


And finally, marvinthegrate wrote:

Finally some sane reporting about speed limits from the media.

Just this week, Utah increased the speed limit for much of the interstate system to 80 MPH. This was after several years of study. The test sections showed lower accident rates on the 80mph sections.