But this one just might work, one day.

Back when I went to Mustang Memories, I asked my dad if there was any particular Stang he wanted me to take pictures of while I was there; he told me to find some Boss 302s. I was thinking to myself, out of all the Bullitts, SVTs, Boss 429s and Shelby's, you want me to take pictures of the 302?? He told me if there was one car he wanted back in the 70s that wasn't his 911, it was an Orange Boss 302.


And that got me thinking, again...When my dad was younger, his first car was a '59 Chevy Pushrod truck that he fixed himself and drove around for awhile. His dad told him if he could fix it, he could drive it. That being said, I had a glorious idea:

I'll go find a Fox Body roller car and make ourselves an orange Boss 302! He'd love that! It wouldn't be that hard to start either. Rollers can easily be had for $500 in decent shape with little rust, and we could work on it together and build our own 302 motor and it'd be just the most awesomesauce idea I've had since that 944! Father-Son bonding, building a car, driving said car, eating some 'Murican fast food, genius. :D

I shall call it, the Fox Boss 302!!

What say you Oppo? Ima gonna start saving up for a Fox Roller!