Boom. My first car. Circa 2006. '92 Chevrolet Beretta. 2.2 four-cylinder, three-speed automatic. 71,000 miles. $1,250.00.

I made it look nicer.

Then, one year and 13,000 miles later, the transmission was beginning to grenade itself (it was dying the whole time I had the car). So, I sold it to this weird girl who like fell in love with it. She paid...$1,700. After all the repairs I had to do over the course of that year, I broke even.


I miss it sometimes. So simple to work on. And I loved it at first. Kept it so clean. But I couldn't have cared less about it by the time I sold it. For those few last months, it was refreshing and relaxing to have a car I didn't care about.